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How to: Choose a menu

Choosing a menu can be tricky! There's no getting round it so you may as well face it head on and make a decision. We've outlined some guidelines for you below which we think can guide you on your way to a menu to please everyone that will be balanced and please all of your guests, but most of all make you look good! If you are creating a menu for an office buffet, sandwich lunch, training session, birthday party, romantic meal or corporate event stick to these simple rules and you'll be sorted.

1. It's not all about you.

Get away from thinking "I don't like that! Or more importantly get away from "But I really like..."

This is not an opportunity for you to show everyone how adventurous an eater you are or from what social climate you believe you belong to. So before you go ordering in the Avocado and tiger prawn sandwiches with the Himalayan salt try to consider who is coming along and what will they like?

2. Phone a friend.

If you've a couple of close colleagues or friends coming pick up the phone and ask them. Obvious I know, but it may result in some helpful feedback you didn't expect.

3. Cater for dietary requirements.

There are more and more people discovering their food intolerances now due to easier diagnosing. It can be embarrassing for people to have to bring it up themselves as people don't like to be seen to make a fuss so go out your way to ask around about food intolerances as it can make a real difference to people if they feel like you've made special attention for them.

4. Balance

Try to imagine yourself eating your menu. This way you may discover it is a little heavy, rich or even too lightweight. Think about food types... Meat, vegetables, fish, carbohydrates, fat, sugar, salt, acidic foods. Do you think you've got too much of one and not another? A good tip is to try and have a bit of everything and bring balance to the menu. e.g. if you're organising a corporate finger buffet, you may think Sausage rolls are an essential? (who doesn't love sausage rolls?). Of course they are, however now you need to realise you have a fairly heavy, salty, pastry item so perhaps immediately balance that with something lighter and vegetarian like a Mini tomato bruschetta and then so on and so forth until you have a well rounded menu that everyone can enjoy.

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