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Top 10 tasty finger foods for a buffet ever!

Pulled pork wraps, cured Spanish meats with garlic and tomato toast and balsamic glaze

At LA Catering in Glasgow we specialise in delivering breakfast, sandwich platters, finger buffets and tasty food to corporate companies and their office all over Glasgow and Lanarkshire. We deliver to Hamilton, East-Kilbride, Belshill, Euro central, Maxim Park and we even go to Paisley and Clydebank. In doing all this we have provided so many different finger buffets over the years, which we think makes us well qualified to recommend the best finger food items for your meeting, event, board room, training session or reception.

What makes a tasty finger food item?

In short... flavour! Flavour will always rule supreme. How often have you seen Greg on Masterchef loose his mind over something that just tastes great!? It might look odd or not quite right but flavour always gets the nod over anything else.

That being said, presentation has a more than significant part to play. We eat with our eyes right?

When it comes to LA catering's point of view, we often have to balance these things.

Below you'll find our top 10 finger foods that would look great and taste great on your board room table.

10. Cheese and onion quiche

A crowd pleaser. Suitable for vegetarians and pleasingly tasty.

9. King prawn tempura

One for foodies and non foodies a-like. Smooth prawns with a nice crunch on the outside and a tasty sweet chilli sauce to contrast with the prawns and add a nice heat.

8. Cocktail sausages with honey and mustard glaze

An old favourite and general crowd pleaser.

7. Cherry tomato bruschetta

Another vegetarian that is also popular with the carnivores in the group. It looks great on a buffet and is so fresh and tasty.

6. Salt and pepper chicken strips

Crispy and peppery outside but soft and tender on the inside... need I say more.

5. Vegetable pakora

This can be food heaven or food hell depending on how it's done. However, have it packed full of just about any vegetables and held together by a spice filled batter and it will be food heaven. Serve it with a cooling mint, yoghurt and tomato dip for a great contrast.

4. Pulled pork wraps

We created this following the pulled pork revolution a few years ago. It still remains one of our most popular items. Pleasingly smooth and tender bbq pulled pork with a slightly crunchy wrap on the outside and sour cream dressing to add moisture. Top it with chilli flakes for a great look and also to add a small heat on the palate.

3. Piri Piri Chicken skewers

You could supplement this on your buffet for satay or bbq or lemon and cumin. However piri piri remains one of our most popular items.

2. Steak pies

These made a big play for our top buffet item. Many companies we supply in Glasgow and Lanarkshire alike love these little guys. A guilty pleasure for many with tasty gravy infused meat surrounded by buttery pastry. Your colleagues in the office will love them.

1. Sausage rolls

It truly is the king of finger buffets. One of the first thing we see asked for when booking a delivery. Similar to the steak pies it has tasty smooth sausage meat surrounded in a tasty buttery pastry. However, it has to be homemade! Bought in versions are too often made with profit in mind. We make our own and they are tasty beyond belief. Every time we make a batch staff in our kitchen still have to hold themselves back from scoffing them, and that's after years of making them.

So there we have it... our top ten. But believe me there are an almost limitless amount of finger food items that we can do and many more that are still soooo tasty. If you want any more details then please contact us to book or enquire about your catering delivery. You cab also look at our menus on our website

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