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Finger buffet: Mini barbecue pulled pork wraps

Finger food - pulled pork wraps.

We're very proud of our finger buffets at LA catering and we take great pride in our savoury finger food items such as these simple but tasty pulled pork wraps. Since we first developed the idea around 3-4 years ago, they've become one of our most popular buffet items. The office workers in and around Glasgow that we deliver to every day love them and we are constantly asked to include them in their buffet packages.

How are they made:

We use tortilla wraps, the best pork, which is slow roasted with herbs and spices and then pulled. It is then marinated in our barbecue sauce before being combined with diced peppers and onions and stuffed inside a wrap. We bake them before dressing with a little sour cream and chilli flakes for a lovely match up of hot and cold. We deliver these as a cold finger food item but we'd recommend you try them hot too if you're planning on having a shot of making them yourself.

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