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Catering for the office in a new world!

Are we going back back?

Afternoon tea, grazing platters, sweetie boxes, cupcake gift boxes, individual office lunches, uber eats and more. You name it, we've thought about it or even done it during Covid. The truth is, catering has been through a tough time, just like so many industries during this pandemic, and we're happy to see so many people get their second vaccine as hope starts to creep in for us all that some semblance of our old lives can return. Now that we're approaching the point of the "new normal" we wanted to let you know what we're doing to provide catering safely and how we can help you to give your staff and colleagues confidence.


Individual lunches

Having an individually packaged lunch seems like the obvious answer, but so many clients we speak to seem to think this just means something boring or limited. Sure, we can and do offer sandwiches in a packed lunch bag with some modest accompaniments, but that doesn't have to be all you can do. It really doesn't have to be! We've got a little creative, and managed to produce some great looking mini buffets like you see pictured here. They look great and really work as a buffet alternative that will impress your colleagues and guests whilst giving them have a hearty and tasty lunch or breakfast experience. The other great thing about these little platters is that they are made with a robust and quality plastic, meaning that we can still wash and re-use, which helps us with our environmental impact too. Clients looking for a menu that might not necessarily work on our mini buffet platters will be happy to learn that we've sourced smaller compostable packaging for our sandwiches and finger food so that we can reduce single use plastics. These can be easily incorporated in to the packed lunch option to punch it up a little.

Will you deliver a buffet?

The quick answer is yes! It is up to each organisation to conduct their own risk assements and if you conclude that your staff are safe to do so, then we will gladly cater to your preference. We can re-assure you that we've done our own risk assessments and will produce you a beautiful buffet in as safe and hygienic a way as we can. As you would imagine, as a food business we've always held our staff to the highest hygiene standards, so we were in a good position already.

Safe Delivery

All our staff that are back to work have been vaccinated twice, and we're also testing regularly, and so far we've had no positive cases in our premises. Our drivers are perhaps those most at risk, as they are in and out of more premises and are seeing more people, more regularly, than our other staff. As such, we've had to introduce particular measures for them to mitigate the risks, this could introduce to the work force and our clients. They wear face masks as you would expect when entering any premises, and we have each van stocked with hand sanitiser which they put on before and after each delivery. When inside premises, they only enter elevators alone and keep a 2-metre distance from clients. We also stagger their shift patterns and dispatch times, to limit close proximity working as much as possible.

Welcome back

We hope your colleagues and guests will be happy to be back! But it's going to take some getting used to and there will understandably be a lot of concern and worry. We think you can see that we're doing all we can to help you alleviate those concerns, so why not treat your staff or guests to some tasty catering to settle them back in and remind them why working from the office also has its advantages.

Contact us now on 01412378668 or email us via to enquire about how we can help you with some fantastic food.

All the best

Alan and Lynne Peacock

LA Catering

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